Frequently Asked Questions

You can pay in full if for example the vehicle was going to be stored for 4 months. If the vehicle was still being stored on the 5th month you will be billed on the 1st of the month, every month, while the vehicle is being stored.  All Long term contracts are paid in full when the vehicle is dropped off.

We store all types of vehicles. Cars, Trucks, SUV’s , Minivans, Motorcycles, ATV’s , UTV’s. We do not store Boats.

We store all types of vehicles. Cars, Trucks, SUV’s , Minivans, Motorcycles, ATV’s , UTV’s. We do not store Boats.

Our facility does have a CC video surveillance system. Your vehicle is safe with us!

Yes we can arrange to have your vehicle(s) serviced before they are picked up.

There is a one month minimum to a storage period. Ex. If you car is stored for 3 weeks it will be charged a 1 Month storage fee.

There is no early termination fee. Long Term contracts are pre-paid, If the vehicle is picked up early in a long term contract, vehicle will be charged at the regular monthly rate and not discounted long term rate.

Customers are allowed to take their vehicles in and out during storage period as long as vehicle is picked up and returned during normal business hours. We require 24 hour notice before vehicle is picked up.

Storage spaces vary depending on vehicle. Average designated area for a vehicle is 16ft. x 8ft. Our 60,000sq. ft. facility can accommodate your vehicle with sufficient room to not be nicked, bumped, scratched, or damaged in anyway.

We accept all major credit cards, cash, paypal, checks and bank wire transfers. *Personal checks must clear before vehicle can be picked up.

No, there are no additional fees to monthly storage fees.

Our office hours are from 9am-6pm Monday- Friday.

We do offer a 5% discount for Active Military. We also have our Long Term Storage Packages.

Yes we can accept small packages that fit in your vehicle. Packages will be stored in your vehicle. There may be additional charges for packages that do not fit in your vehicle.

JE Auto Storage carries general liability insurance in the event of accidents but it is recommended that vehicles owners keep comprehensive insurance through their storage period.

If your payment is not made on time you will be subject to late fees.

Send an email or call us at / 410-686-5111